Business Loan

Running a business is no easy task. Businesspeople often find themselves in need of capital to expand or fund their business. Funds are often required to purchase equipment, pay creditors, pay back business dues, expand the business, pay salaries etc. Since they can't use their personal savings for such purposes, they opt to take up business loans.
A business loan takes care of any financial assistance that might be needed related to your business and its activities. Businesses can be very unique in nature and thus, many banks offer customized business loans.
Depending on the amount you're applying for, you can unsecured loans which don't need you to put your personal assets as collateral.
Nowadays, there are special business loans for women entrepreneurs available to support them in their journey of starting a new venture.

  • Business loan for working capital
  • This loan is for an existing business that needs funds to sustain their daily operations. You can payoff these loans as soon as the business starts to grow. When the existing business isn't earning enough, that's when these loans come in handy.

  • Business loan for buying machinery or equipment
  • Whether it's a manufacturing factory or a service-providing company, need for machinery or equipment can arise at any time. Sometimes these can be too expensive for a business owner to afford and therefore, they choose to take up this loan so that the required equipment can be purchased.

  • Business loan for business expansion
  • Once your business has grown to a certain extent, you might feel the need to expand. Expansion of business is a complicated process and a business loan can make it easier. These business loans ensure that you are not stopped from setting up a new industrial unit or modernising your existing place of business.

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